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Traditional Advertising for RV Dealers

Dynamic Marketing Strategy
Maximizes Return on Advertising Investment.

Strong, aggressive, benefit-rich messages that compel the RV consumer to respond is a proven formula that increases RV consumer response. Let us partner with you, incorporating our integrated marketing strategy, and maximize your return on your advertising investment.

Traditional Advertising

Getting Real Results for RV Dealerships Through Creating, Producing and Placing Television and Radio Since 1984. Delivering Direct Mail and Print Advertising that Compels a Response from the RV Consumer.

D.P. Ball has 34 years of experience in developing television commercials, radio spots, and outdoor advertising. We have also produced direct mail advertising , newspaper ad campaigns and other print advertising for RV dealers. You can be assured of time-tested and proven direct response advertising techniques that work. While other companies may use your advertising as a way to experiment with "new" ideas that often have been tried and have failed, D.P. Ball uses proven strategies that deliver results.

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Televsion Advertising

We write and produce commercials that get your RV dealership the results you are looking for. Buying the best commercial time at the best rate, as we schedule airtime when and where RV consumers are more likely to see your advertising our experience pays off for your RV dealership. Traditional commercials, digital pre-roll, and streaming venues are just a part . . .

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Direct Mail Advertising

Maximize your advertising investment by including strong, benefit-rich headlines along with offers, incentives and a clear call to action. DP Ball Advertisings uses proven methods to:
1. Target the right RV consumers
2. Deliver messages that compel a response
3. Drive traffic to your dealership and website . . .

Graphic Design for Print

Print Publications

Advertising in print publications can still give your dealership a access to specific demographics. Campground directories, newspapers and weekly papers, are still go-to sources for sales events, and local dealerships in an area RVers are traveling to or through. High end products are well suited for magazines. Our art department has worked with many major newspapers and RV publications throughout the years, setting dealers apart from their competition. Professionally trained artists using industry-standard software our electonic files are accepted by professional printers and publications, producing excellent products that make your dealership, your brand and your products look good . . .

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Radio Advertising

Offers and incentives incorporated into radio spots, your potential customers and long time customers will listen and be compelled to pick up the phone or walk through the door. Your radio advertising just isn't good enough if you aren't getting a good return on your investment. Your radio spots should pay for themselves again and again. Conversational radio interviews do well in the Recreational Vehicle marketplace, as people respond to the information shared by a dealership representative. From concept through production and placement, we handle . . .


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 33 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P. Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

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