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Television Advertising for RV Dealers

Media Planning • Media Buying • Creative • Production

DP Ball Advertising will help you create benefit rich offers that compel your audience to respond. We write and produce commercials that get your RV dealership the results you are looking for. We buy the best commercial time for your audience.

Television Advertising for RV Dealerships

We write and produce commercials that get your RV dealership the results you are looking for. Buying the best commercial time at the best rate, as we schedule airtime when and where RV consumers are more likely to see your advertising our experience pays off for your RV dealership. Traditional commercials, digital pre-roll, and streaming venues are just a part of what we offer.

Experience has taught us when RV consumers are more likely to see your offer and we put that experience to work for you. The Television and Radio strategy is to instantly capture the viewers and listeners attention with unique scenario's, then segue into very benefit rich, incentive driven and call to action messages that provoke and proposition your prospective customers to respond. The residual effects are that the consumers will perceive that they will receive the best selection, best prices, lowest payments, and biggest savings at your dealership. We manage conceptual, creative, production and schedule air time. See the difference direct response advertising from DP Ball Advertising can make in your bottom line! 

Sample of TV Commercial

2018 Models Rolling in
New and Used From Only $9,995
or Only $99 per month!

Sample of TV Commercial

Summer Supersale
Thru July

Sample of TV Commercial

Let's Set the Record Straight. Dick Gore's RV World is the Oldest Locally Owned and Operated RV Dealer in Jacksonville

Sample of TV Commercial

2017 Closeout Sale

Sample of TV Commercial

Red Tag RV Sale
Now through August 12

Sample of TV Commercial

Sizzling Sumer Sales
July 27-29

Sample of TV Commercial

Huge End of Season RV Sale
Its Christmas in September!


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 33 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P. Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

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Henderson, NV 89011



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