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Direct Mail Advertising

RV Dealers Benefit from Direct Mail Promotions
We Create Powerful Direct Response Messages!

Direct Mail promotions for RV Dealerships. Target the RV consumer with powerful direct response promotions. Enhance your sales event with strong, benefit-rich messages that compel a response. Postcards, self-mailers, letter and tabloid sizes. Professional layout and design, high quality printing at wholesale prices. Contact Us today!

Direct Mail Advertising

Layout and Design, Pre-press, Production and Printing, Postage and Mailing

Mailer Costs

Great Deals on Direct Mail!

Large mailers and two different postcard options, all offering special incentives inviting customers to visit your RV dealership.
Prices below include creative services, printing and postage!
Want a custome size that stands out? Talk to us!

How We can Help You Reach Your Target Market with Direct Mail
DP Ball has years of experience providing premium design and printing services for RV dealers. If you don't have a copy of your logo in a high resolution format, we'll re-create it in vector art so it is scalable to any size. No low resolution photos will do. We have access to print resolution images from manufacturers. Don't rely on your local print shop to produce a compelling advertising piece. It may look beautiful but if you are missing the specific elements necessary to compel a response, you may as well not send it at all.

Direct mail is personal, tageted, tangible and trusted. Your potential customers know they can review your offer on their terms, and use it for discounts, coupon offers and seasonal incentives. It is less time consuming that doing search after search online to find not only what they need, but also many times, a discount on the products and services they desire. This saves them time and money! Include a QR code to get them to your website to view your inventory, announce events such as customer appreciation days and much more!

Direct Mail Advertising - What You Can Learn From It. The most severe test of the advertising company is delivering direct results by mail. The cost and results for direct mail are immediately apparent. Companies are able to justify their advertising dollars immediately and monitor their profitability. Simply put - you can tell if your advertising worked or did not work. All guesswork is eliminated. Here you learn that advertising must be done on a scientific basis to have any fair chance at success. You also learn how every dollar adds to the cost of results. This is where a successful advertising company maintains and applies the same principles and keys to all advertising, in order to assure optimum effectiveness & efficiencies.

The successful fundamental selling elements incorporated into the advertising message have not changed much at all throughout the years. The tonality of how the advertising message is created, and delivered is constantly being updated, but the core, proven, key principles have proven time and time again to be the most effective. Several of the leading companies in the World continue to run the same successful advertising campaigns for decades, only changing the tonality, and bringing the creative up to date to meet current styles, etc. Some of the leading Advertising companies have tried to alter and change the proven, successful, key principles, but have always fallen short of the overall results. An example of this would be incorporating more graphics and white space than copy. Value minded shoppers continue to gravitate and respond more to content, substance, benefits & incentives, vs. photography and graphics, yet advertising companies continue to experiment with trying to conquer the successful direct response proven formula with a variety of different concepts they think will bring a better response.

Direct mail postcard from DP Ball Advertising

Cost-per-acquisition for direct mail is very competitive. Direct mail offers strong return on marketing investment.
While fewer companies are reporting that they are using direct mail, that can be very good news for those who do, as there is less competition in the mailbox for your prospects’ attention. Direct mail engages your customer, with less competition for their attention while reviewing your offers compared to the digital environment. The average household receives only two pieces of Direct mail a day compared to 157 Emails.

Consistent, direct response messages that are benefit-rich and strong. They compel your potential customers to respond. Take advantage of our experience targeting the RV consumer for dealers across the country. When consumers receive your advertising, it's the message, the offer and the incentive that generates a response. We have created thousands of concepts and have sent hundreds of direct mail piece that get a response. We work exclusively within the RV Industry, and we would like to work with you!


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 33 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P. Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

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