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Social Media for RV Dealers

Develop Relationships and Build Trust

We will create content that is designed for the outdoor community, which we will then publish on your social media networks. All posts will be timely, relevant and compelling and all images will be created by us to attract readers and keep your audience hungry for more.

Social Media Program

Nurture your customer relationships and build trust by providing content that will engage people with information about your dealership brands and services you provide, and the RV lifestyle.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Google My Business Page, FourSquare, Yelp, Google+

Social media provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with RV enthusiasts, RV owners and those exploring the RV lifestyle. It is the best tool to connect with and learn from consumers as well as industry leaders. Users are receptive to your messages and are open to what you have to say. This translates into serious website traffic, if you use your posts wisely for inbound marketing. This means of course, your website should have a strong foundation of unique, high quality content to send them to.

One of the best benefits of social media, is responding to reviews. Whether they are good or bad, they see how responsive you are by how quickly you reply. If they are considering a purchase, observing how you handle problems that come up, and they will for any business, can give them the confidence to make that purchase. You learn as well, improving your response and improving customer service.

Not surprisingly, when you stay in front of your customer base, they’re more likely to buy from you, or use your services when a need arises. It also gives you the opportunity to constantly give them incentives to buy. Let them know about events, seminars, clinics, customer appreciation days and more. Share travel tips, goregous outdoor images, fun places to go RVing and more. It's a great place to post how-to videos, walk-throughs and more. By coordinating your YouTube channel, your website and your social media channels, you get three times the exposure for each video. 

Social Media Can Improve Customer Service

Don't forget about the great ROI on social media. You can only benefit. If you hire an agency or have an in-house social media expert, the cost is well worth the new customers who will find you, and the relationships you can maintain with those who have purchased an RV from your dealership. It is a bit time consuming so hiring someone to handle it for you, as a team member let's you get back to selling RVs. At DP Ball Advertising we have a social media program that is executed in a way to augment your local posts. You need to be aware of, and have access to what people are saying on social media so you can respond. Especially on Facebook. 

Our full-time RVing social media manager, supplements your posts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with:

  1. 3-5 Daily Posts/90 per Month - This includes images, inventory you are promoting, new additions to your line-up, social engagment with questions, contests, polls and more. We follow the 1 in 7 rule, that states you should promote your business once in every 7 posts.
  2. 3-5 Weekly Videos - From how-to videos about setting up camp to traveling with pets people love and respond to video. At the dealership, you can post walk-throughs on your YouTube channel. We access this channel and add more videos that you can easily place on your website, and they can be accessed by consumers on Facebook.
  3. 3 Monthly RV Lifestyle articles - Content is important. By providing RV lifestyle articles for your website, that we post for you we can promote that content, linking to it, to drive traffic to your website

Facebook Ads

We have delivered thousands of Facebook ads. We know exactly what works and what doesn't to maximize results and get the best return on investment. Anyone can do Facebook ads, but there's a HUGE learning curve to get to the point where you are doing them well.

  1. Video Ads - We have an immense amount of video content. This give our clients a huge advantage. Our full time RVing social media specialist, coupled with our art and video departments provide hundreds of hours of content to edit and use for RV dealerships.
  2. Specific Units - We pull photos directly from your inventory. If we can't find a clear shot of a model, we rely on our access to stock photography from manufacturers.
  3. Inventory Page Ads - Lists of unit types that appeal to social media consumers. Lists of toy haulers the dealership carries, or lite weight travel trailers, motorhomes, or units with bunkhouse floor plans.
  4. Events - From Open House events to Customer Appreciation days, we promote your dealership in a fun and friendly way to social media users.
  5. Special Offers - Timely items like winterization, or preparing for a new season by checking wheel bearings drive customers to your website
  6. Contests - Special drawing that last all season, or 'show us your 'Your RV Dealership' t-shirt, are just two of many contests we run that engages consumers and encourages them to post and share.
  7. Specific Interests - Targeting those with interests in fishing, hiking, quality family time and more are the types of interests we target that gain you new followers.
Facebook Ads Driving Purchases Graph
The evidence is clear that Facebook ads are driving purchases. In the Recreation Vehicle marketplace, a click is not a purchase as in other businesses that sell products on their websites, of course. But the evidence is mounting that these are effective methods to reach consumers who are interested in RVing and purchasing an RV, as they navigate the RV Buying Purchase Funnel while researching what to buy, and who to buy it from. 
RV Buyer Purchase Funnel

Our Facebook Post and Ads

Our Facebook ads consist of Polling, RV Tech, RV Lifestyle, RV Experience, RVing Advice, How-to Videos, RV Tips and Hacks, Product Promotions, FAQs, RVing with Pets, RV Tips, Travel Destinations, Stunning Imagery and much more! 

Don't be fooled by social media companies out there who dazzle you with numbers not associated with RV businesses. Your RV consumers visit your Facebook page to learn about RV experiences, tips, get input from other knowledgeable RVers, and guidance for a variety of Rving issues. How can a generic social media company who specializes in mom and pop coffee shops teach your customers anything about RVing? It's an important point to consider.

'Fluffy' material can be a bad reflection on you and your dealership. We are often approached by dealers who use these young companies who think a cookie cutter approach to social media works for the RV Industry. It simply doesn't. And the results they receive are a testiment to that. You're supposed to be nurturing relationships, building trust and setting yourself up as an authority. These posts that other companies place on your social media accounts use stock photography that is generic in nature, and never get into in-depth issues about RVing. Beware of companies who over-promise and under-deliver. Offering to fix your dealership's review issues, won't help if they destroy your realtionships by being trite, unknoledgeable, and underinformed about the industry and RV consumers. We also provide an enormous amount of original, authentic, high quality content, placing articles about things RVers want to learn about on your site to drive inbound traffic, and develop image and video content for your Facebook posts and Facebook ads. Content, whether on your website, in social media or in your ads, remains KING. Bad content simply won't get repeat visitors. Too many promotional ads, will cause your dealership to be 'unfollowed'.

Our team of full-time RVers understand what customers want because they are your customers!
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Our digital team is made up of full-time RVers. On the road, and immersed in the experience, no other agency understands the RV consumer like we do! Our experts in social media optimization and social media marketing are constantly creating new content for your website, as well as taking great photos and video of the RV experience to share on your pages! 

Eric - Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager
Facebook Ad Specialist

Danielle - Social Media Ad Representative


Social Media Specialist
Facebook Ad Specialist
Photography and Videography

Lexi- Social Media Expert


Social Media Specialist
Twitter and Pinterest Specialist

Pippi - Social Media Specialist


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Kristin - Social Media Ad Representative


Social Media Specialist
Instagram Specialist

Ashley - Social Media Specialist


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Photography and Videography

Almost all of our competition is doing only 1 type of ad, specific units. These are effective but only targets a small percentage of the sales funnel AND very important to consider is that people are NOT logging into Facebook to be advertised to. The more your ads feel like an ad on FB the more you burn out your prospects if they're not interested at that time. Using a 2 in 10 ratio of promotional ads to content ads is the best formula. Most Video ads are the exact type of content people want to consume.
  1. SPECIFIC UNIT PROMOTONAL ADS- by far have the highest click through rates to a landing page.
  2. VIDEO ADS- reach the most amount of people and a higher impression percentage because people enjoy seeing videos 2-3 times, especially if it wasn't convenient to watch the first time they see it.
  3. GENERIC ADS- are the least visibly effective but are effective in grabbing people's attention and interest towards RVing or that specific dealership. This is the information that people come for to expand their knowledge regarding the RV lifestyle

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Facebook Ads?

After reviewing thousands of Facebook Ad results we can safely say that:
For Every $100 in Your Facebook Ads Ad Spend You Will Receive:
Facebook Ads: 7,700 people reached, and 474 Click-Throughs
Facebook Video Ads: 7,740 people reached, and 124 Click-Throughs

Example of Video Post:
Our Social Media Manager Has a Special Message to Millennials


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has been serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing since 1984. Founded by Daniel P. Ball, the company represents RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. We provide direct response advertising campaigns, media buying, scheduling and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues.  From concept through production and final placement, we offer creative services, printing, voice overs, audio and video recording. Search engine and social media marketing are coordinated for the biggest impact, and we provide website consultation, solutions and services.



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