2024 Can Be Your Best Year In Business!

Let Us Plan and Orchestrate a Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Program for Your RV Dealership.

Planning for 2024 now is a step toward assuring your dealership will make the most of your advertising investment.

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Exceed Your Expectations for 2024 !

Make the upcoming year your absolute biggest and best year in business. Don't miss your opportunity to save up to 85% on media costs by planning early.

Success Just Ahead - Best Year Ever - Highest Sales

We have been exclusively representing RV dealerships since 1984
Let us plan and orchestrate a comprehensive marketing and advertising program for the upcoming year for your dealership. Every September - December we plan and orchestrate a comprehensive marketing and advertising program for the upcoming year for the dealers we work with. We are able to negotiate up to 50 - 85% off the media's rate card for you when we schedule early and for the entire year. And you're not locked in. We always have an escape clause to get out of any contract within a two-week cancellation period. This means you can take advantage of the huge savings, and double the efficiency of your ad dollars, while still remaining open to changing your mind. Planning for 2018 now is a step toward assuring your dealership will make the most of your advertising investment. It is never too late to get started. We will plan your schedule at any point in the year, so don't think it's too late if things aren't taking off for you at any point in the year.

One of the biggest mistakes RV dealers can make is to not have a marketing plan that includes an advertising schedule. Failing to plan is planning to fail. We've all heard that. In the case of advertising, it is important to know when and where your advertisements will be seen at a glance to be able to plan for all of the other activities taking place at your dealership. Your marketing plan outlines the specific actions you want to take in order to build an interest to potential customers and current customers about your products and services. Then to persuade them to buy the product and services that you are offering. Your advertising schedule is the reference point for you to keep it all in perspective.

We create, produce and place advertising in traditional and digital media
We plan your media schedule to provide you with coordinated, consistent messages that inform your customer of how buying from you and not from your competitor is a benefit to them. Using the dynamic marketing strategy of integrated marketing coupled with direct response advertising proven formulas and methods, we compel RV consumers to respond to strong, benefit-rich messages across all channels. Online advertising campaigns, landing pages, social media, TV, radio, direct mail, newspaper and website content all tell the same story and make the same offers to your target market, yet they are designed to be appropriate for the media channel. This gives your dealership huge reach and opportunity for real results. You can selelct your level of investment at any time, knowing that because you've planned ahead you won't increase expense when increasing exposure just prior to an event. Give us a call at 440-285-8164 to discuss your dealership's needs today!

Why Allow DP Ball Advertising
to Plan Your Schedule?

Year After Year Advanced Planning Coupled with Results-Driven Advertising Methods Have Been the Successful Combination for RV Dealers Throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  1. No Risk! - I will personally guarantee that you will increase sales over last year's numbers by at least 20% when we develop an advertising schedule that is followed throughout the year.
  2. RV Buyers Respond - Consumers respond to direct response advertising. We have used these proven methods and formulas for creating advertising for over 3 decades. Though the medium has changed, the message remains effective. Digital is the perfect venue for direct response. Never has it been easier to find more information, contact, or make a purchase than it is today. People want information that is quick, to the point, and actionable. Putting these things together in an ad format increases the number of responses you will get from your advertising dollar.
  3. Outsell Your Competitors - Dominate your market area. Utilizing integrated marketing that reaches your potential customers everywhere, they simply can't avoid your dealership when they are shopping or interested in RVs. Developing a marketing plan and advertising schedule let's you drive the mission because you know where you're going and how you plan to get there every step of the way.
  4. Increases ROI - Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan that is balanced and reaches consumers where they are is smart business. Using direct response advertising methods in consistent messages across all channels is smart too. Why spend money on lukewarm messages that are inconsistent - with one message on radio, another in online advertising, and yet another when they reach your website. These inconsistancies confuse your customers. Clear and concise messages that drive clients to your website or your dealership with clear instructions on how to take advantage of the offer you make, give you a clear opportunity to sell RVs. More consumer contact = more opportunity to sell. More sales = more return on your advertising investment.
  5. Set Record Breaking Sales - In today's environment, RV sales are increasing. Even if they fall or become flat you are already two steps ahead by having a plan to work with. Many dealers panic when the phone stops ringing because they rely on the market to set the terms of their sales, rather than have a plan of action to adhere to, moving forward. We receive many more calls, when there is an economic downturn because dealers find themselves without direction. Don't let this happen to you. Have a plan. Stick to it. Increase sales. Celebrate!

Real Planning

A well thought out, orchestrated and executed marketing and advertising program will deliver you the greatest return on your advertising dollars. Advertising should always be in line with promotional and marketing objectives, and the business strategy or mission of the dealership. Advertising media selection is the process of choosing the most cost-effective media for advertising to achieve the required coverage and number of exposures in your target audience, the RV consumer, in your market area. 

Reach: The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media vehicle or media schedule at least once during a specified time period.
Frequency: The number of times within a given time period that a consumer is exposed to a message in a particule vehicle.
Continuity: The timing of media assertions - e.g., 20% in November through February; 50% in March through July; 30% in August through October.

The timing of media refers to the actual placement of advertisements during the time periods that are most appropriate, given the selected media objectives. It includes not only the scheduling of advertisements but also the size and position of the advertisement. We know your target market, and apply our experience to scheduling airtime, where and when the RV consumer is most likely to be exposed to your advertising.

Real Advertising

At D. P. Ball Advertising we do just that. We handle your project from concept through production, targeting your prospects with aggressive, response provoking messages. We have years of experience working with RV dealerships, and have in depth knowledge of proven advertising formulas that work to pursuade RV consumers. We help you define your Unique Selling Point or Proposition. The proposition must be strong enough to move the masses, pulling new customers to your products and services.

Real Results

Record High Sales

Large traffic numbers, impressions and click-throughs appear statistically impressive, but do not necessarily mean you are maximizing your advertising dollars. We can help you allocate a balanced advertising spend that reaches a huge percentage of your potential customers in your market area. Utlizing targeting methods that are consistent with decades of experience.

Don’t Be Fooled by Out of Proportion Numbers!
Have you found you’ve switched your advertising to basically all things digital, and you are loving the numbers? Take a close look. You’ll see incredible impressions – with hundreds of thousands of people seeing your ads, and a large number of unique new visitors, 4,000-10,000 on average with a modest campaign, clicking through to your website in response to your ads. Add those to your organic results and there are thousands of people looking at your products. But do your current sales numbers support those metrics?

Driving traffic is only part of the equation. The typical consumer must be guided through the process of responding to your offer and contacting your dealership. It’s as simple as telling them what to do next to get their questions answered, get more information about the RV they are considering, and evaluate their trade. How can they contact you with the assurance they won’t experience a high pressure sales pitch? Are there additional models they may want to consider in stock?

It's all about the message. The what, the how, the where. Most effective formats -- knowing where to reach your customer. The right place at the right time. We've had dealers who say they've tried TV and Radio, or tried Digital Marketing, but results fall short. It's what you're saying and how you're delivering it and to whom, that makes all the difference. We've even had dealers who have worked with other agencies, but still didn't reap the benefits and results that they should have, because no one understands your customer they you do, and the way we do, as we are all RV Industry focused. We have the proven, successful results oriented formula that drive the results that you expect and deserve.

Most dealerships have a great deal of information on their website, but the missing element is direction. Don’t expect your customers to know where to click and what to ask. Tell them. Let us tell them for you, and see numbers that don’t just make you feel good, but will help you reach your sales goals. Begin with ads that reach customers at all levels of the purchase funnel, and be ready to serve them once they arrive.

Looking at a large number of RV dealer websites - it's understandable why there is no response. Web developers are not experts in marketing. They will tell you how good it is, but step back and take a look through the eyes of a consumer, you might see a different story. We work with you and your web development team to make sure all of those key elements are in place. We're here to help it be the best it can be. That's all we do - deliver results. And that won't change.
At DP Ball Advertising we manage your ad campaign. We don’t just create ads and let it go.
1. Concept through production and placement
2. Creative that is consistent with your brand and creates a synergistic effect as each medium builds upon the other
3. Extensive keyword research and knowledge
4. Paid search, Display Network and Remarketing ads, Television, Radio, Facebook Advertising
5. Landing pages that engage your potential customer adn generate leads

What We Offer to RV Dealers

Digital and Traditional Marketing
Our integrated marketing program provides your dealership with years of experience within the RV industry, applying foundational methods of traditional advertising, and incorporates cutting edge digital techniques. Building websites and performing SEO before it even had a label, in 1995 we were on the scene using direct response formulas for our clients as we recognized the website and Internet as excellent direct response advertising media. No matter the vehicle that delivers your advertising message, you should reach your potential customer with a strong, benefit-rich message that respresents your dealership well, addresses the RV consumer's needs and compels them to respond.

Your Website is a Marketing Tool
Your website is the most cost effective marketing tool you can use. Many dealerships have sites built by web developers who are experts at what they do, but they are not markeing companies. All advertising, especially digital advertising, relies on your website to market to consumers. Make sure when they arrive, they aren't bored, confused, or having an experience that they won't remember. Website consultation and evaluation is a service we offer. Let us take a look, make suggestions, and even work with your web development team to improve your site.

Investing in content on your website, that can be used to drive inbound traffic from online advertising, social media, even radio and television assures you have something to offer visitors when they arrive. Let us help you by reviewing your website content and developing a content marketing plan that works with your advertising schedule. This investment will work for you time and time again, as new customers discover what your dealership has to offer. Coupled with direct response advertising this keeps your overall costs lower and increases the return on your advertising investment. Easy navigation, and proper elements online, give your sales staff the tools they need to close a sale. 

You Can Never Stop Trying to Win New Customers 
After all, your competitors are probably trying to win your customers over, right now! When challenging a market leader you need to be compelling. Be consistent with messaging through utlizing a dynamic, integrated marketing strategy of digital and traditional media that provides the highest visibility to potential customers for your dealership.  We know exactly what prospective RV customers to target, where to reach them and precisely what message to deliver. This assures your RV dealership maximizes your advertising dollar with $0 money wasted! 

Clarify Your Unique Selling Position
We will speak with you honestly about your current advertising and make recommendations to help you maximize the impact of your advertising dollar to produce better results. We help you redefine your company’s mission and use it to your advantage, setting your dealership apart from your competitors by communicating your dealership’s strengths to your potential customers.

Our overall goal is to capture the majority of RV sales for each dealer we represent in their respective market area 

2018 Marketing Calendar Sample

We represent only one RV dealer in each market area
If your agency is representing your competitors, we believe you are placing your dealership at risk. We believe it is a questionable ethical practice to represent two RV dealerships in the same market area, and that a simple nondisclosure agreement is not adequate to protect your assets or your advertising investment.

From Law & Advertising: A Guide to Current Legal Issues by Dean K. Fueroghne:
"An agency owes its clients complete loyalty. Part of this loyalty includes a responsiblity to inform the client of any facts or occurrence that affects the client in any way. A problem arises when an agency tries to serve two clients who are in competition with each other. The agency can't serve both unless it has the consent of the two parities in advance. Clients compete, basically, when their products are similar or interchangeable or where one product may replace the need of the other.

Many agencies do represent different clients in competition for the same market. These agencies promote the fact that they specialize in a certain area. In these cases, clients who know of this are considered to have consented to the agency's representation of other competitors. If the client is told about representing other competitors in the same field before it becomes a client, it will have very little to complain about later. The point is that the client must be made aware of, and give its consent to, this multiple representation."

Considering your current market area, know that this opportunity is limited to those areas where we are not already representing another RV Dealer. Please contact us to see if there is an opening on our client list for your area. As dealers are pursuaded by new digital companies cropping up with dazzling promises, we do have dealers that pursue different avenues for marketing. Some companies are using pursuasion tactics that include 'partnering with DP Ball Advertising.' This is not true. Although we work well with other agencies, we are not partners with any. Don't be fooled by this tactic!

Once a market spot is vacant, it is not held for clients who try other agencies. It is common for them to return to us, asking for representation. But, because of our policies, we cannot accommodate them once that spot is filled. If an opening occurs, we generally send a letter to area dealers to let them know we are available to serve them. If you receive a letter like this, don't hesitate to call and explore the possibilities of working together. You don't want to wait to call, just to find we are now representing the RV dealership down the street.


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has spent 34 years serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing. Founded in 1984 by Daniel P. Ball, the company has served RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, offering consultation, direct response advertising campaigns, media planning and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues as well as creative services and website development.

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