Email Marketing for RV Dealers

Send offers, incentives, announcements about line-up changes, events, staff additions and more

Place a form on your website and ask visitors to sign up to receive emails from your dealership. They must opt-in to receive these emails before you can submit their contact information to email senders like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and more.

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Email Marketing

A well thoughtout email marketing plan can keep your dealership in front of customers before, during and after the sale.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a good way to keep your business in front of your customers. Providing them with links to content on your website to drive inbound traffic. You can announce new locations, new products and services, provide destination information, RVing tips and information RV consumers are looking for, setting yourself apart from your competitors. Of course, sale announcements, event promotions, clinics, seminars, customer appreciation days, clearance items are all a hit! We include artwork, coupons, gift certificates, unit images and promotional pricing, calls to action, and links to corresponding information on your website, including landing pages that engage potential customers and prompt a response by phone, or contact form.

Responsive Email: In 2016, 55% of all emails were opened on mobile devices, so a responsive, mobile friendly email format is crucial for your email marketing campaigns. Using responsive email templates that adapt to the subscriber’s screen size will ensure that your subscribers will see exactly what you want them to see. When you’re looking for email marketing tools for your business, pay attention to the usability, interactivity, and formatting the email service providers are able to offer in their email templates.

Comprehensive sales reports of email campaigns: Any email service provider worth using will present important analytics on your account dashboard, including comprehensive sales reports. They make this information manageable and easily accessible. As with all marketing channels, it’s key to make data driven decisions as you design your strategies. 

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Email Marketing Tips

Communicate about more than selling products. Place links to articles, how-to videos, blogs, RV lifestyle information and more in your emails.

Are Your Emails Getting to RV Consumers?
​Or are they landing in junk folders instead of the inbox? Are you expecting a bigger response than you are getting? There are several quick steps you can take to make sure your message gets delivered to the right person in the right way.
  1. BUILD YOUR OWN OPT-IN EMAIL LIST- Make sure your web developer places an Email sign up form on your pages. Simply ask for their email address. Asking for too much information means you won't get as many sign-ups. Send to only opt-in Email addresses. When someone opts-in to receive your messages, send a follow-up note confirming they wish to receive information from your company. This provides a double opt in list. 
  2. ADHERE TO THE CAN-SPAM RULES- These rules include having a non-deceptive subject line, a method of unsubscribing, and your name and physical address at the end of the emails. Violation of the rules is more than a slap on the wrist. There are fines of over $41,000 per email if you don't comply. View the guide at CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business 
  3. MIX THINGS UP- Don't just send out ads to buy RVs, products and services all the time. Use your emails to build rapport with customers by sharing your expertise and/or that of others, giving them tips and insights they can value. Share information that lets them know more about you and/or your company. Share customer stories and experiences. Point them to articles and blogs on your website. Share seasonal RV tips and RV hacks.
  4. MAINTAIN YOUR LIST WELL AND DON'T SELL IT - Your website visitors have entrusted you with their email address. Make sure to groom it when addresses bounce, unsubscribe or are undeliverable. It will cost you less too. Your email sender counts a send as a send even if it isn't received. Update your lists often, removing bounced, undeliverable email addresses. These lists have a short life-span, so request current/updated addresses from your customers periodically.
  5. STAY ON A SCHEDULE - If you find you get more opens sending on a Thursday evening, then stick with that schedule. If you send the 1st and 15th of the month receivers will expect your email. Don't disappoint them.
  6. SUBJECT LINE - Make sure you subject line doesn't include words that will trigger spam filters, placing you email in line for the spam/junk folder.
  7. EMAIL TEXT - Make sure the text in your email avoids the use of trigger words.
  8. USE GRAPHICS - Use graphics for sale offers, calls to action and promotional language that may trigger spam filters. 
  9. EMAIL PROVIDER - Use an Email provider that is white listed, plays bythe CAN-SPAM rules, and rotates IP addresses to ensure delivery in case one IP ends up on a black list .

Download a list of words that trigger Spam filters and prevent your email from reaching the inbox.

Your Message is Important to Consumers

If you have taken the above steps, and you still aren't experiencing desired results, it may be your message, that isn't getting a response.

Your message is the most important part of your digital efforts. One clear, benefit-rich message that drives traffic to your website, or compels consumers to pick up the phone and call, should be the goal of each Email. Don't try to include a list of all services and products. Single focus messages are best.

Make Sure Your Messages are Consistent
When promoting products, use the artwork provided for your online digital campaign for your emails. We commonly provide a homepage graphic for all digital campaigns to drive customers to current promotions. Being consistent with your message gives a synergisitic effect to your efforts, making a larger imact! If you're wearing too many hats we can handle it all for you! 

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Reach New Customers! We can take your current list and scrub it of information that is outdated. Using our double opted in database of intended RV buyers, we can update old Email addresses that are no longer deliverable and reach out to new potential customers with your message. Our database is updated prior to each Email we send. Our development and deployment team can put together a schedule that includes touch points that coordinate with your digital campaign, placing your message in front of customers in multiple areas across the internet. Just give us a call 440-285-8164


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has been serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing since 1984. Founded by Daniel P. Ball, the company represents RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. We provide direct response advertising campaigns, media buying, scheduling and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues.  From concept through production and final placement, we offer creative services, printing, voice overs, audio and video recording. Search engine and social media marketing are coordinated for the biggest impact, and we provide website consultation, solutions and services.



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