Landing Pages that Engage Your Customers

Drive RV Consumers to Landing Pages that Direct, Engage and Encourage Contact.

Your ads attract attention, and get clicks to complete the offer you provide. When they arrive, make sure the information is complete, engaging and compels them to connect wth your dealership.

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Landing Page for Your RV Dealership's Website

When a potential customer clicks on an ad in Paid Search, the Display Network, or their Facebook feed, where are they arriving on your site?

You've worked hard with your website development team to create a website that expresses who you are as an RV Dealership. You likely have many links to areas on your website from new and used inventory, to dealer hours and location. You may have links for financing, resources, parts, accessories, staff, contact, about us and more, which are fairly typical. Special links to offers, featured RVs, Clearance Units, social media and more are probably scattered throughout the page. It looks great to you, you know where you're going. But when an offer is placed in an ad, and the consumer clicks on that ad, they expect to land on a page that tells them how to complete that offer. A landing page designed specifically for a campaign. Sending them to your homepage, they lose their focus on the offer, or are simply overwhelmed by choices and assume it will take too long to find, so they leave. That's reflected in the bounce rate in your analytics. 

Ideally, your page should not have all of the links in your main navigation, to keep them from wandering off into other pages on your site. There are several ways to compose your page. It can be as detailed and customized as necessary to accomplish your specfic goals.

1. Create a page that has no links to other areas on your website. Keeping the focus on completing the offer made in that ad, we direct the consumer to call you or complete the contact form.

2. Create a page that focuses on the offer made in the ad and links to VDP pages. Units promoted are linked to the Vehicle Description Page, where action continues with links to valuing their trade, making an offer, or other links on your VDP pages that you and your web developer have determined.

3. Create a page that focuses on one offer. This page would concentrate on one specific unit. No additional links to other areas, this page would include all information on your VDP, and have an expanded form to initiate the buying process. Clicking on the 'This is the One!' button, a pop-up contact form would contain fields for Name, Address, Phone, Email, Trade make, model, year. Down Payment information. After submitting it they will be taken to a page containing your credit application. Once it is filled out and submitted, these documents would be sent to the finance desk, where the finance manager can run the numbers and respond to the customer with information about the unit, trade value, price, down payment and trade applied, finance details and monthly payment. They then schedule a time to come in and tour the unit and sign documents.

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