DP Ball Advertising

Specialzing in RV Dealership Marketing and Advertising
Working Exclusively with RV Dealers for Over 3 Decades

DP Ball Advertising is an American advertising agency established to serve RV dealers in the United States and Canada with excellence in advertising concepts, creative, production and placement. No retainer. Transparent billing. Using direct response advertising methods, our agency works with dealers as a team member to increase traffic and sales.

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DP Ball Advertising was founded by Daniel P. Ball in 1984
Producing effective, response driven advertising, DP Ball is currently servicing RV dealers throughout the country in various markets. The number of RV dealers represented are limited to one per market area. Contact Dan Ball at 1-440-285-1864.  

At DP Ball Advertising, we handle every facet of advertising. We offer creative services, graphic design, media research and buying, digital advertising including pay-per click campaigns comprised of paid search, display ads, video ads and remarketing. We offer programs that help your dealership with social media, social media advertising, SEO, managing listings and reviews, content marketing, website design, landing pages, newsletter and email marketing. We are well versed in TV & radio copywriting, production and editing, print advertising, direct mail campaigns, public relations, social media, corporate marketing collateral, corporate videos, outdoor advertising, branding, corporate identity, promotional items and much more.

With our approach to personal service, every client, no matter how large or small, receives our meticulous attention to detail and passion for quality. You don’t have to wait for your account executive to call you back in a week, as can be the case with other agencies, because someone is always available to answer your questions and discuss your needs as well as your results.

Our primary goal is to give you the most bang-for-your-buck. No matter how creative an ad campaign may be, the only measure of success is results. At DP Ball Advertising, we employ proven direct response strategies to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. We view the client/agency relationship as a partnership. We know that your success is our success.

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Why Use an Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agencies - Create Advertising

It's simple, really. You wouldn't hire a car salesman to repair your engine. You would go to the service center, where qualified individuals, trained in the latest methods and technologies, would make your car their priority.

Advertising is the same. Though there are many media choices, from pay-per-click, Facebook and Twitter advertising, radio and television, to print forms such as magazines, program guides, tabloid issues and newspapers, your ad must be created by someone who is trained, and experienced in creating advertising. If not, the ad won't stand out, it will look like all of your competitors. The ad won't be compelling, and elicit a response. And, you will be disappointed in the return on your advertising dollars, thinking it's the medium that isn't working, when in reality it's the way the ad is put together. Publications sell ads, print, bundle and distribute. Radio and TV stations broadcast and sell advertising to pay for it. Your expertise is in running your dealership, servicing and selling RVs. To save a few, and we mean few, dollars you are trusting your company's growth to  people not trained in marketing and advertising to take an idea from concept and creation through production and placement. They are good at what they do of course. Advertising Agencies specialize in creating advertising. That is the fundamental difference.

  1. YOUR AD NEEDS TO APPEAL TO RV CONSUMERS. - Let's examine why that is important. You see, these publications are in the business of selling ads, not creating them. They don't get paid to sit in a think tank and brainstorm ideas about your business. They don't look at what your competition is doing, and evaluate how your advertising needs to be developed to counter that competition. They don't hear the advertising buzz within the industry to see what consumers are excited about this month, or this week. They get paid to put a paper together and meet deadlines.
  2. YOUR AD NEEDS TO STAND OUT - Your Ad needs to have a dynamic, benefit rich headline which compels the reader to examine the remainder of your ad. Offer a single impressive benefit, quickly and simply. Research proves that where responses are required, the best ads are those which offer an impressive, relevant benefit to the reader. This 'promise' should ideally contain the solution to a problem whether or not the consumer realizes the have it, and take no longer to read than 4 - 8 seconds (no more than fifteen words) and be clearly the most striking part of the ad. Incorporate contrast - Black background with white type or black type on white background are best for headlines - so  your ad is noticed. If it isn't noticed because it looks like all of the others on the page, it simply won't be read.
  3. YOUR AD NEEDS TO LOOK PROFESSIONAL - Your Ad needs to be composed with strong, benfit-rich copy, high resolution, appropriate graphics and images, and a high resolution logo to represent your dealership well. We are experts at handling graphics. Most of us have been working with graphics even prior to electronic formats. We know how to make your ad pop, even in black and white. No fuzzy edges, no fuzzy type, no fuzzy logos. Your ad represents you and your business. That is important to us.
  4. YOUR AD NEEDS TO COMPEL A RESPONSE - An extraordinary offer, a call to action, a sense of urgency are all a part of good, direct response advertising. The tonality should represent your brand. If your ad isn't seen, it isn't read. If it isn't read, it isn't responded to. The point of advertising is to get a response and thus get results. If your ads aren't composed of these elements, you've wasted those advertisig dollars by simply occupying space. We know how to help you get the results you desire.
  5. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT WITH AN ADVERTISING SCHEDULE AND BUDGET - We provide a complete advertising schedule for dealers we work with. If you have already contracted services with other vendors, we will include these on your schedule as well. An overall picture of what is running each month gives you an advantage in knowing how to prepare your sales team, and staying within your budget.
  6. WE COVER YOU WHEN MEDIA, VENDORS AND SERVICES COME TO CALL - New ideas come along, or you are approached by the steady stream of sales teams trying to talk you into the latest and greatest idea, using a different angle, and you may not be aware that you are already using the service through us, because they call it something different. Since the beginning of the internet, spam email and phone calls to switch services are sent by the thousands to businesses daily. We receive nearly daily emails soliciting us to utilize SEO services, digital marketing services, website development, etc. They promise us they can get us on page one --- We ARE on page one. Obviously they don't visit your website, they don't know your ranking and they are offering website development to a company that provides it to other businesses. It would be like an RV dealer emailing you to come look at their selection, or an RV service center telling you what's due for service on a brand they think you own, not knowing you sell them. Spam will never go away, so don't stress over it. If you think it's legitimate, forward the email to us, or tell them to call your agency. It takes the pressure off of you. 

Why Use an Experienced RV Industry Advertising Agency?

DP Ball Advertising has been working exclusively with RV Dealerships since 1984, helping them to increase sales. We know the RV consumer and the nuances of your business.

DP Ball Advertising has worked exclusively within the RV Industry for over 33 years. We have developed relationships with manufacturers and their marketing departments as well as vendors you utilize on a daily basis. We understand your brands, your products and your services. You won't have to teach us the specifics about your products. Why should you pay an agency for the time they spend researching your products, your services and your industry? That makes us more cost effective, as we provide services we are very familiar with.

Maximize your advertising investment by including strong, benefit-rich headlines along with offers, incentives and a clear call to action that RV consumers respond to. We understand what they are looking for, and where they can be reached. Our team consists of RV consumers as well, with many participating in RVing for decades. They understand what the consumer wants in every type of marketing venue. This gives you a huge advantage when utilizing our services. We don't just understand your customers. We are your customers. DP Ball Advertising uses proven methods to:

1. Target the right RV consumers in the right place at the right time.
2. Deliver benefit-rich messages that compel a response.
3. Deliver social media and email marketing that drive consumers to engage with you.
4. Extend your reach through video ads, local search, search engine marketing and more.
3. Drive traffic to your dealership and website.

When consumers receive your advertising, it’s the message, the offer, the incentive, along with clear, concise direction and support features that generate a response, drive engagement and generate lead. We target consumers at every level of the RV Buying Purchase Funnel. Our method of advertising was born out of working in an RV dealership, and when we arrived at the perfect formula to generate increased response and increased sales DP Ball Advertising was founded. We have created and executed hundreds of campaigns in a variety of venues that drive consumers to your website and through your doors for over 3 decades. We understand your dealership's needs, because we understand how your budget, your expenditures, your staff and your financing work. We develop concepts and creative, and suggest offers that make sense. We know how to reach your target market where they live, shop and spend time RVing. Don’t wait! Call and speak to Dan today for your free consultation. 440-285-8164 

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Administrative staff have participated in the RV lifestyle and worked in the RV industry for two decades or more! Nobody understands your RV dealership, the way we do!

Daniel P Ball, President of DP Ball Advertising

Daniel P Ball - President, DP Ball Advertising



"Since 1984 when I started DP Ball Advertising, my focus has remained the same - to give RV dealerships the best opportunities to thrive and succeed in a competitive marketplace by increasing their market share. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to work with a dealership who evolves from a small dealership into a major factor in their market area. The success of any dealership we work with, is our focus, our passion and genuine desire.”


    Over 20 years reaching out to the RV consumers, dedicated to helping the RV dealerships we represent succeed!

Most members of our team have been active in the RV lifestyle for years. 
We don't just understand you customers, we ARE your customers!

Deb - Administrative Assistant


Director of Digital Marketing

Kathy Rogers - Digital Marketing Advisor


Digital Marketing Advisor

Angee - Digital Marketing Specialist


Digital Marketing/Legal

Subha - Website developer. Expert programmer


Website Developer

Heather - Researcher and Data Analyst


Researcher/Data Analyst

Karen - Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Allen - Voice Over Talent


Voice Over Talent

Bill - Online/Video Talent


Online/Video Talent

Chris - Videographer




Our digital team is made up of full-time RVers. On the road, and immersed in the experience, no other agency understands the RV consumer like we do! Our experts in social media optimization and social media marketing are constantly creating new content for your website, as well as taking great photos and video of the RV experience to share on your pages! 

Eric - Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager
Facebook Ad Specialist

Danielle - Social Media Ad Representative


Social Media Specialist
Facebook Ad Specialist

Lexi- Social Media Expert


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Pippi - Social Media Specialist


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Kristin - Social Media Ad Representative


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ashley - Social Media Specialist


Social Media Specialist
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Professional Advertising Agency?

When buying and placing traditional media, agencies work on a commission basis. This is commonly 15%. 
When creative services requiring graphic design or production activities such as editing, adding graphics, and preparing files for specific media, billing is done at an hourly rate. We work hard to keep these costs below industry-standard fees, to benefit the dealers we work with. Our programming fees for website development and maintenance are some of the lowest in the industry, yet you receive high quality results. We understand small businesses, and work to keep costs down so your bottom line increases.
Transparency in billing is important. We work hard to stay within your budget. Some agencies charge a monthly retainer to be available when you need them. Without it, you'll find your project fitting into a calendar of projects, that may have a waiting time of weeks or months. We don't charge a retainer. We charge by the project for the time spent. We provide these charges to you in a proposal before we start working with you. Many Agencies charge a 25-40% markup for digital media, such as AdWords campaigns. Be careful. If they aren't showing you their charges up front, they may be working this markup into your ad spend resulting in less actual advertising for your dollar.  At DP Ball Advertising we place the ad spend on your credit card, taking no markup. We supply a list of charges you will incur for ad, landing page, email, content, video creative and production. You remain in control, seeing your monthly ad spend charges on your credit card statement, and determining how frequently we change out your campaigns and promotions.

The best keep secret by businesses who use advertising agencies, is that they know it is more cost effective to outsource their marketing and advertising to an agency, than to hire personnel to do it in house. No doubt, the bigger the advertising budget, the more expensive and more 'in demand' the agency is that they select. But, relatively speaking, an in-house staff would still be more expensive.

Commonly, when small business owners and managers think of professional services they think in terms of advertising with a budget like Budweiser or Target. Small shops and businesses don't have these types of budgets, so they think ad agencies are out of their league. Nothing could be further from the truth. Typically agencies work on a commission basis when placing media. Usually it is 15%.

If you can purchase a billboard space for $1000 the agency can usually acquire it for $850.
If you can get the vinyl for the board printed for $800 they can get it printed for $680.

Billboard space and printing vinyl would cost you $1800.
If you use an agency, it will still cost you $1800.

Now, there is the fee for the creative work to come up with a concept, write the billboard copy, and layout and design the artwork. An agency knows to go to the manufacturer of your product for images, logos and branding slogans to expedite the process. The billboard company may expect you to provide the images, logos and branding slogans. And, they may expect you to provide high resolution images in a format you do not understand, which will cost you time, trouble and worry.

Professionals know the difference. And, they save you that time, trouble and worry. You would be paying the billboard company's creative person to generate the artwork, let's say $200. In fact, billboard creatives we have worked with in the past have charged between $150 to $250 an hour to generate your artwork. Or you would be paying the agency's creative person to generate the artwork that has been researched and developed by the ad agency with a strong message, excellent graphics, and all of their advertising knowledge and marketing expertise ---- for about $150 to $300.

So it could cost you a few dollars less or a few dollars more, but definitely in the same neighborhood.
Grand Total: Do it Yourself: $2000
Grand Total: Professional Agency: $1950 - $2050

That's basically how it works. As you can see, affording an agency, is like placing another member on your team, who is educated and experienced in advertising, and it doesn't cost you any more than you are currently paying. 

Many Agencies charge a 25-40% markup for digital media, such as AdWords campaigns. Be careful. If they aren't showing you their charges up front, they may be working this markup into your ad spend. When budgeting $2000 for your ad spend, they may be delivering only $1200-$1500 worth of ads, while retaining $500-$800 of that $2000 spend for themselves. At DP Ball Advertising we place the ad spend on your credit card, taking no markup. Whatever other agencies are charging, you need to know so you can manage your budget effectively, and understand what to expect. We supply a list of charges you will incur for creative and production.

Creative Services and Production Charges
Creating display ads for digital campaigns, brochures, banners, outdoor media, newspaper ads and television overlays will incur a charge for the time spent. Production charges occur when creating television and radio commercials, which includes editing, and supplying the media channel with your advertising.

Digital Campaigns
Creating new display banner ads, text ad changes and creating landing pages all incur charges with each new promotion or event. We also charge for monitoring your campaign. This includes a/b testing of ads, changes we make to keywords, text ads, adding new ad groups that target specific consumers, We evaluate your ad performance, and work to improve the quality score of all of you ads to increase how frequently they are served and reduce your cost per click. We don't just 'set it and forget it'. We want you to get the most value for your dollar. You remain in control, seeing your monthly ad spend charges on your credit card statement. You should know exactly how much advertising you will receive for the budgeted ad spend. At DP Ball that amount is 100%. This makes a huge difference in the results you receive.


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has been serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing since 1984. Founded by Daniel P. Ball, the company represents RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. We provide direct response advertising campaigns, media buying, scheduling and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues.  From concept through production and final placement, we offer creative services, printing, voice overs, audio and video recording. Search engine and social media marketing are coordinated for the biggest impact, and we provide website consultation, solutions and services.



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