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Ads that compel the RV consumer to respond is our goal. Your ad must be noticed to be read, and it must be read to gain a response. At DP Ball Advertising we strive for excellence, providing artwork in today's industry standard formats.

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DP Ball Advertising Art Department

Working on both PC and Mac in industry-standard software, your artwork is created, converted for print and digital formats, and placed in the appropriate venues. In order for consumers to respond to your ad, it has to be seen. So it must stand out by conveying a strong message through graphics, images and words. 

Graphic Design - creative art department
  1. LOGO DESIGN-Need a new look? DP Ball can help. Make your logo stand out by making it personal. Incoporate elements that communicate who your dealership is. A good logo will reproduce well in both color and black and white.
  2. BROCHURES- Want to tell everyone who walks into your dealership about your business? Let them know how long you've been in business, the story behind your dealership name, the RV types you carry, your management philosophy, mission statement, what your customers mean to you. Yes, it may all be on your website, but holding a tangible piece of paper with great images and good copy is something they will keep and refer to over and over again.
  3. BANNERS & BILLBOARDS- From show banners, to lot banners and signage, we've got you covered! Posters, sale tags, avenue banners, window posters, parts and accessories signage, service policies. These are all ways to communicate to your customers. Represent your dealership well with coordinated images, logo, colors, font styles and more!
  4. PRINT PUBLICATIONS - NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, DIRECTORIES- Getting ready for an Open House or Customer Appreciation Days? Annual RV Dealership directory, or local Jazz Festival? You are asked for ads by community event leaders, charities, even you local high school yearbook. Make sure your dealership stands apart from the rest with professional advertising!
  5. DIGITAL ADS- AdWords campaigns, banner ads, digital newspaper takeovers, all require high quality artwork that is consistent with your dealership's image and messaging. Rely on us to create the look that communicates well in any venue.
  6. HOMEPAGE GRAPHICS AND BANNERS- Messages on your website work best with a visual image or video. Need to direct customers to an event, clearance items, parts and accessories clearance? We can help you with that too!
  7. BUSINESS CARDS-Place your logo on your business card, along with design that customers won't forget. Ever think about a vertical design? Your photo on your card? Two sided cards with all of your contact information on the back? We have lots of ideas to set you apart from your competitors. Customers remember the smallest details!
  8. SIGNAGE-Need to direct customers through your showroom? How about directing traffic on your lot? New signage or banners road-side? We can help. Don't just dream about it make it happen with a quick call to DP Ball!


DP Ball Advertising, Inc. has been serving the RV industry with multi-channel direct response marketing since 1984. Founded by Daniel P. Ball, the company represents RV dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. We provide direct response advertising campaigns, media buying, scheduling and purchasing in traditional and digital marketing venues.  From concept through production and final placement, we offer creative services, printing, voice overs, audio and video recording. Search engine and social media marketing are coordinated for the biggest impact, and we provide website consultation, solutions and services.



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